​How to Find Your True Authenticity

​How to Find Your True Authenticity

Posted on Sep 22, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit

Do you ever feel that sometimes despite your best intentions and efforts, that you end up living a life that isn’t fully aligned or in tune with you truly are? And if we can realize that this is happening, then how can we start to live more in alignment with our higher self and start shedding the deeper layers of our egos?

Unfortunately, our world is consumed by so much fakeness and illusions placed on us by society, that it seems the only way we will ever fit in with others and gain some sort of success in this world is if we choose to conform to this fakeness and live by the ways that have been laid out for us.

Although this seems to work for some people, I feel there is a better way for us to live.
What if we all started to take the responsibility upon ourselves, instead of blaming all of our problems on our disconnected society?

Would we be able to see that in the end it is up to us to make the difference and changes necessary to live in a place of empowerment and authenticity?

We have to realize that if we want to reclaim our sovereignty as spiritual beings and step back into our authenticity, it is going to take a deeper inner knowing of who we truly are, and then distinguishing this connection to our higher self from our egos limiting perceptions.

For we must clear away the blockages that have been placed onto us and break the illusions of our own egos, in order to come back into a place of truth and harmony with our divine nature and authenticity.

So then how do we go about actually doing this?

Through disciplines such as self observation and meditation, we can find a quiet time and space to connect with ourselves and reflect upon our own actions, thoughts and feelings. In this time, we may experience moments of pure connection to our breath and presence within the moment.
In other times, we may also notice some disharmonious thoughts or intentions that may arise from past actions and moments throughout our day. The purpose of meditation then is not to disregard these negative qualities or traits within us, but to fully integrate these experiences and to become more aware of them.

Once we can become aware of what is coming from our Spirit and what is coming from our ego, then we can start to better connect to what is real to us and begin to detach from the illusions that the mind creates for us.

(Here is the link to a Great e-book Astro just put out, describing the process of identifying how our ego can speak to us and then learning to discern that from our Spirit) https://www.reprogramthematrix.com/store/p65/Ident...

It is in the process of self examination and reflection that we can begin to see what is not serving our authentic spiritual nature, and we can find where we may need to realign our self to live in a more truthful way of being.

By observing these different qualities from within our meditations, we can begin to see what is true to our hearts, and what is false coming from our ego self. Then through these realizations, we can begin to re-tune and recenter our ideals based off of a path more devoted and connected to a spiritual way of being.

So if you notice yourself catering more towards your ego self, take a moment to reconnect with that space of truth in your inner knowing. Reflect on all the things that are no longer serving you and take a step forward towards your true authenticity!

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