3 Tips On How To Commit To Something

3 Tips On How To Commit To Something

Posted on Aug 31, 2019 by Solar  | Tags: mind

Why is it that you can’t stay committed to your goals? And how in the heck can you go about commiting to those goals?

In this blog I’ll be going over some quick tips and tricks to stay committed to your goals and see them through to the end.

First Establish Your Why

This is super key in committing to your goals. But why is that?

Because if you don’t have a strong enough reason as to why you’re doing something then when push comes to shove you’re going to give up.

Look at it like this. Someone who wants to quit smoking cigarettes can say I want to quit just because, but then when they get that test from their Spirit they’re just gonna tell themselves it’s alright. There was nothing there in the first place to hold them accountable.

So why would they even stick through with it?

But on the other hand, another person may tell themselves I want to quit smoking tobacco because it’s eating my bank account, the 2nd hand smoke is making my family sick and I want to start whitening my teeth.

And when this person gets tested all of these reasons pop up in their mind. This is a key tip in getting your mind to work for you. Establish your why in all you do within your Spirit.

Second Get Some Good Affirmations Going

This ties back into the first tip. Once you get your why set you can now create affirmations that are in tune with that reasoning.

In learning how to commit to something you’re going to need your mind working for you. So on a daily basis you need to repeat these affirmations. And remember these need to be strong and solid. So let’s go back to that cigarette example.

“I am making an honest effort to quit smoking cigarettes vs I want to quit smoking cigarettes.”

“I am quitting cigarettes to help create a stronger connection with my family, save more money, and become healthier vs I want to quit smoking cigarettes.”

Now ask yourselves which affirmations seem stronger?

Third Appreciate Yourself and Your Failures

You may or may not get it right on your first time, but the key is if you do fail to make sure you get back up.

Don’t feel ashamed. Don’t feel guilty. Give yourself some tough love and get strong. Life is a process and if everything came so easy then why even try?

You have to reprogram your mind to have fun within the tension and within that acceptance you will accomplish your goals.


Stay committed to your goals by finding your why, creating affirmations from that why, and not being so hard on yourself within your journey to committing to your goals. It’s really simple, but the mind makes it complex. But if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us!

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