Fasting to raise up your Vibration

Fasting to raise up your Vibration

Posted on May 26, 2019 by Luminary Jay  | Tags: body, spirit

There are many great things that can happen to our energy levels when we begin to fast. And typically when people hear about fasting, it's usually to take a break from eating food for a day while maybe just consuming water during a 24 hour period. Or even longer at times if we’re going through a deeper cleanse, but there are many different forms of fasting that we can tune into and apply into our lives. Whether that be fasting from technology, from music, or from certain people, it can really be from anything! Just observe your life and see what different things you should take a break from and experience how it enhances your life spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Spiritually Fasting

Your Spirit is always calling!

Reaching out for you to take the next steps in your consciousness and fasting is a good way to let go and take that next step. Many people KNOW what they need to let go of, they just have a hard time making that right choice. Like fasting from food for example. A few hours into it you get that initial feeling of hunger, and next thing you know, someone is offering you your favorite kind of pizza! And it's looking good and tempting, too. It can be a hard choice especially when all these tests are coming in, but we can do it with the right self discipline!

It's crazy how this stuff works, but it's as if Spirit is testing your will power to make the choice that you know deep in your heart you want to make! And this goes for a lot of different avenues in your life. You may need to fast from social media for a bit to detach from it. Like if you find yourself scrolling your news feed just to scroll, then you KNOW you have a problem! So get in tune with your Spirit, pick up that call, and make the choice to fast from the different things in your life that you need to take a break from.

And make every fast a spiritual fast. meaning you do it to make a better connection with your true self. Because the more you follow your heart, stay true to yourself, and follow through with these types of fasts, the deeper a connection you will make with Spirit.

Thanks for tuning in, keep turning up!

-Luminary Jay

Luminary Jay

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