Posted on Apr 28, 2019 by Essence  | Tags: body

I think it’s a beautiful thing how music can influence vibration. Not only in humans but it’s been proven that even plants and animals react to music. Recently I decided to stop listening to music with words and am now 3 months into this lyrical music fast. And I’ve been vibing in a creative flow. I’ve been freestyling which is something that I hadn’t done in years.

First, it started out as creating lovely melodies to flow with the jazz, classical, and other instrumentals that I’ve been vibing too. And now I’m expressing myself lyrically in song too! Hahah oh gosh some hilarious moments and then again some moments of cleansing. Even moments of overcoming fear, freeing up the energy as I freestyled with my loved ones. We laughed and giggled as some of our rhymes were very silly and we also shared a lot of ‘AYYYY’s. And we even took some freestyles a lot more seriously. Each making it a point to come from our heart.

And you see that’s the point I want to make!

There’s something about listening to instruments that helps to really put the free in freestyle. Getting us out of the straight-lined, logical type of mental mode. Even science can prove it! This article titled THE SCIENCE IS IN: GET OUT OF YOUR DORSOLATERAL PREFRONTAL CORTEX talks a bit about this! All pointing out that we have to get out of our minds!!! To tap into that inner genius that we truly are.

Go with the flow of your heart! You will make the best decisions of your life doing so!

Keep vibing high!!!



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