Getting into the Now

Getting into the Now

Posted on Jul 08, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: mind

“The time is now”

We hear about this so much these days in spirituality, getting into the “now” or tuning into the present moment. So what does it really mean to get in tune with the now or the present moment?

The words “now” and “present moment,” we realize means this exact moment we are in right now.

Not the past, not the future, but right here and now.

Being fully in tune with the now moment takes time because our minds are constantly trying to distract us with what happened or who said or did what yesterday and what’s going to happen tomorrow. While it is good to reference the past to observe cycles we go through so we can make wiser decisions, we shouldn’t let the past create expectations for the future, we should maintain a clear focus on the present moment and not limit our possibilities.

Observe where the focus of society is and how it affects the way people act or rather react. So many people’s focus are stuck either in the past or in a future moment. People are paralyzed by their own fear which keeps them from growing, from doing something different. Instead they make up all these illusions of fear about what may happen based upon the beliefs of what they have already experienced previously that keeps them from breaking the cycle. They make the easy choice, it takes courage to make hard decisions.

Our minds has been used by the media to further their own agendas, and through all the external stimuli they use to manipulate us with it takes us completely out of our present moment and focusing on theirs, but there is a better way!

Our Willpower

It’s been said that if there is a will there's a way, by tuning our awareness into the present moment, we can get back in tune with the moment we find ourselves in and begin forging our own path. Have you ever had one of those moments that makes you realize how amazing and mysterious this life is? Where nothing else matters any more and you are completely absorbed in the moment, when all perception of time just stops for a moment and you’re completely content and at peace with the present moment, this is the ‘now’.

When in life’s beautiful moments such as the example above, we can easily and effortlessly melt into the present moment, but what about when things aren’t going so beautifully and we find ourselves struggling in the present moment? It takes a trained and disciplined awareness to sustain this present moment awareness in everyday life situations, So what can we do to better develop this perception and clarity within the present moment?
One of the secrets of meditation is that it helps us get into the now.

Meditation tunes us into the present moment.

By meditating and training ourselves to tame our mind, we are able to clear the mind of distracting thoughts which in turn allows us to sharpen our focus and empower our intentions. Essentially we are learning to stop giving our ego our attention and in doing so stop allowing our attention to be divided. We can center our awareness on our breath and get fully in tune within the present moment. Once we can learn to do this in our meditation, we can start to carry this awareness with us throughout our daily lives and find more peace and clarity within each moment.

To dissolve all thoughts of previous or future scenarios allows us to direct our energy freely and with more intention, rather than constantly being diverted to distractions of our minds that don’t serve us. If you have ever experienced this within an art form such as dancing, playing music or singing, etc. then you will see that by getting into a free flowing state of being, this will naturally help us to tap into our present moment awareness.

So find ways in your life to be creative and get into the now moment, so you can begin to live in more harmony with your true being, without all the chaos and clutter of the mind distracting us! With the right awareness, we can begin to merge more fully into the present moment, and dissolve away anything else that is keeping us from experiencing where we are right now. It’s simple to say this, but taking action to apply the steps requires one to develop and then maintain unbreakable focus and discipline, to know your goal and to move towards it at every opportunity. When you do you’ll see a shift of how you react and make choices from moment to moment in your life!

Our love and Gratitude for tuning in!


"I just want to thank you all for listening and resonating with us."