Have We Forsaken Love For the Ego?

Have We Forsaken Love For the Ego?

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit

It doesn’t take much for us to look at today's mainstream society and realize that some things just aren’t quite right about the way we are living. With the rise of technology and modern industrial life, people are getting more caught up in the fake reality, programming, and ill-tempered nature. Greed, violence, hatred, judgement; qualities that are all so prevalent and accepted as normal in our modern world. And while some good hearted beings do choose to help others and spread truth throughout the world, the majority of the masses are caught in the games of manipulation that keep us separated from our true being.

Almost all of us can not deny the fact that in one time of our life or another, we were a part of this system

Feeding into the lies and deception that keep us locked within the prison cells of our own ego’s mind game. Although hard to admit, we all must face these truths if we are going to change the course of reality and make a change here. If we are going to see our world come back into harmony with nature and one another. We have to be that harmony! So many would fight to defend their own personal beliefs and lifestyles, but who is willing to fight for the freedom of all and create that sacred space for true family and community to be built?

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It is time to end the games and illusions of the ego that bind us to separation, so we can begin to realize a path of connection and co creation that guides us back to our heart space.

Deep down we all just want that connection to love, and not just the romantic type of love you get from a relationship. I am speaking of a universal love that transcends all boundaries of race, color, gender, personalities, and the like. This source of unconditional love and connection is the one thing missing from so many people today. For we all must begin anew, and take that journey in finding who we truly are, beyond just the IDEA of who we are.

It is when we can begin to realize that the same Spirit within me, is the same Spirit within you. Then by living in tune with this principle, we can start to integrate closer together as a collective and see our society shift into a higher vibration.

This is a path that we must walk together if we hope to restore life to this broken world. So here at Vibernation we propose that we be the change, instead of sitting silently about these issues we face as a collective society. It is time we stand up for what is right and remember that connection to our heart’s and awaken that love within ourselves, so we can start to awaken that vibration within each other. And if you agree that this world is in need of a large scale shift in consciousness, than please join and support us here at Vibernation if you want to help us and our vision to shape reality into a better place for everyone here.

We are being called to make this shift happen now more than ever.

With love and Gratitude,



"I just want to thank you all for listening and resonating with us."