How Love Is Going To Heal The Earth

How Love Is Going To Heal The Earth

Posted on Oct 06, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit

You feel that coming up?

That new vibration, higher energy activation, mass awakening. It’s here, but many still sleep in an unconscious state of being.

Why is this then? We’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime to find the error of our ways and create a change that lasts for lifetimes beyond our own.

If we want to see this Earth as a whole lift up into unity consciousness and higher Spiritual awareness, it’s going to take a whole lot of balancing through love and higher vibrations to get there!

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This is essentially the missing key to solve many of the problems this world faces. There’s a massive imbalance of egotistical hatred that’s consumed our world and societies on such a wide scale that it’s damaged not only our state of consciousness as Spiritual beings, but also has destroyed much of the Earth in the process.

With so much focus on all the war, crime, disease, pollution, and other disasters plaguing humanity, now more than ever we need to focus on the solutions rather than creating more problems for what has already happened.

It’s one thing to reflect on the past, but we need to collectively release all of this tension and trauma that we continue to carry. These burdens and fears are deeply rooted in our ancestry, and it’s time we leave the past behind and turn up into a higher state of being and consciousness.
What is this higher state of being then? It’s the consciousness and awareness of love! As love is who we are on a spiritual level. All of the thoughts and physical aspects of the ego are what blind us from this truth.

If we can move closer to our hearts and radiate that love as one tribe, one love, one unit, then we will see change ripple out on a higher frequency than this earth has ever seen before, it starts with us!

This healing that comes through love, through connecting heart to heart with one another, not only begins to heal us on an individual level, it starts to create change in the collective consciousness which is connected through all life on this Earth.

That’s what truly makes a difference here!

Us taking responsibility for our choices and actions in our life, so we can begin to make new changes and transform our old ways of being, into one that is more in tune with our hearts and the Spiritual path. By us doing this personally, it allows us to come into our true power as spiritual beings and reclaim this Earth through mass love and healing.

Nobody changes the world alone, we need to share this love and carry it everywhere we go. Being in tune with love does not mean we let the enemy walk over us. It means we stand strong in our truth and defend that love with everything we have.

The true spiritual warriors know of this path, and many more are being called to join this force of love and higher consciousness to truly shift the reality we live in for the Greater good of all here.

So will you pick up that Call?

It’s time for this change to begin more than ever, so let us be that change and spread this love like wildfire!

The Spirit of mother earth needs us now more than ever.

With love and service

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