How to Manifest Success In Every Aspect Into Your Life!

How to Manifest Success In Every Aspect Into Your Life!

Posted on Jan 27, 2019 by Essence  | Tags: spirit, mind, body

The only time we ever really have is right now. So if you are seeing that change in your life needs to be made and you want to manifest success in your life, Now is the time to take action! Be present here and now and realize it all starts with ‘knowing thyself’ as the famous Socrates stated. Which leads up to the observation of certain choices, not just on a physical level but on a nonphysical level as well. Life is about experiencing and learning how reality works. You may have heard our reality is much like simulation made up of code, 1’s and 0’s, much like bianary code these 1’s and 0’s could also be seen as an input and output. Learning what to input and output allows you to learn how to navigate here to make the decisions that manifest success into your life.

Who are you? A question that was asked by the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland symbolizing the metaphor of transformation. To have a transformation in your life you need to know who you truly are, even though knowing is that of the mind and we are deeper than the mind and body. We are the limitless essence, the awareness behind it all. Through that awareness and limitless drive, you are able to observe and make the choices in your life to gain true success in every aspect. This essence within has this natural guiding, some call it intuition and here at Vibernation we like to call it our Spiritual Navigation System. Have you ever noticed that when your heart is seeking an answer it’s as if the universe starts to bring certain signs and synchronicities? Well, it’s not that this is the universe answering these questions, it’s Spirit, it’s who you truly are. And your Spirit will guide you through the doors of evolution.

With awareness being the key to any door of success, through awareness, we observe the thoughts we think, the actions we take and we then connect the dots. And if you really pay attention, you may have found throughout the years you have developed certain thought patterns that don’t really serve you. Thought patterns that trigger your intuition to want change, that may be why you’re even reading this.

It’s time to become aware of the patterns of the mind that are no longer serving you. Reprogram yourself to be in tune with who you truly are! There are many ways of doing so as well, the Vibernation Team loves to implement affirmations. Try to keep it simple at first, things you can remember on cue, so when you recognize certain thoughts you can go ahead and transmute them to thoughts you truly want to have. For example, if you have self-doubt that occurs, make that mental decision to let go, and repeat something like, ‘I am limitless and in tune with who I truly am.’ (Remember to keep that intent strong!) The thoughts you choose to make are the nonphysical decisions you decide to make that can in turn, reflect in the physical.

If you want to manifest certain things into the reality it all comes up to the choices you make non physically that reflect in the physical. As within so without. Success just doesn’t happen out of thin air, It happens by putting in the work within and without. Doing so you are allowing outlets for the results to occur! Even with something as simple as manifesting financial success. Where do you think the money will come from? Just all of the sudden someone off the street comes up to you and is like, “HERE TAKE ALL MY MONEY” haha, although that could be possible it’s highly unlikely. That’s not really how the power of manifestations works, instead you put out those vibrations of financial success and put in that work and create a business which is an outlet to receive money. You may even see that you even creating these outlets can be (and very well should be) a way of expressing your higher purpose in life!

When you are truly being aware you will see reality for what it truly is and how it truly works. You put in a certain input you get a certain output, cause and effect. Although many will put these messages of the ‘power of the mind’ in regard to manifestation, they leave out the most important power and that's the limitless willpower you can use to manifest real success. Some will say build a dream board and put all you want to manifest on there, and yes this is effective but only if you bring things full circle into the physical and take action on those goals! You won’t just manifest something just cause you write it down and believe, you actually gotta take those steps on the journey of evolution! With each step, we observe and learn more which in turn allows us to navigate this reality better, in tune with who we truly are.

When we look at what manifestation really is, it’s a product of choices and decisions that are made. When you make your choices with Spiritual drive and ambition you will see things in the physical as a direct result that exceeds your expectations. Spirit is miraculous, and innerstanding that you are spirit is the ultimate success in life. So remember you are miraculous, you are limitless, you have the power to drive the mind, (instead of the mind driving you), you have the power to make the decisions to manifest success on all levels, Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically!

My highest of vibrations and gratitude for reading!



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