How to raise your Vibration in 3 simple Steps

How to raise your Vibration in 3 simple Steps

Posted on May 18, 2019 by Solar  | Tags: spirit, mind, body

There’s a lot of things in society designed to bring you down. Not to say that society doesn’t have positive things to offer, but when you’re living in an unbalanced manner - things can be troublesome. Let’s say you decide that you want to open up your own business, but are always drained from your daily routines. Or maybe you want to spend more time with your family, but again - you feel drained after a long days work. How can you navigate through that and live on your own terms?

Step 1 - Start Researching Breathing Techniques & Monitoring Your Own Breathing Patterns

This is so key! The breath is one of the centers of your journey here! Not only that, but certain breathing patterns can be linked to different emotions that you may be feeling. Check out this article for more info on breathing and its effects on your health! The next time you’re feeling sad or angry, take a second to monitor your breathing. Now with that in mind, you can compare that breathing pattern to your breathing pattern when you’re happy and feeling joyful.

So not only do I recommend you to research breathing and different techniques (stay away from Kundalini yoga techniques - video here for more information on the truth of kundalini yoga), but I also recommend you to take that journey inward and monitor your own breathing! Try different techniques and journal your experiences to see your results - which brings us to the next topic!

Step 2 - Journal Your Experiences

Wait, you mean journaling is going to help me raise in vibration?

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. But how you ask? Simple. Journaling allows you to not only observe your reality outside of yourself, but observe the reality inside as well. This leads to acceptance and change. Once you’re able to identify key blockages in your life and fully accept them as blockages, you can then make the moves necessary to cut and remove these blockages in your life. Not only that, but journaling is a great venting system and who better to listen to you vent, than you?

Here at Vibernation, we emphasize the fact that our creator is always ready and listening - waiting for you to reach your arm out for help, but that’s the thing - YOU have to reach out, so Spirit can reach out back! And how do you reach out? Start by journaling! Talking to the creator as if you’re a part of that creator (which you are - no matter what science tries to tell you about life).

Step 3 - Meditation

Personally, this is a step that can be found in all steps. As my spiritual guide Astro Solsin told me - “life is a meditation.”

But how can you get started?

This question can be answered in an infinite amount of ways, but let’s start simple. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Feel your body laying on your bed or your butt sitting on your chair. Fully embrace that present moment awareness and be there. There are no worries in the present moment and this is why your vibration raises. It’s so easy to get caught up in society and society’s demands that you forget to just be, but with meditation you can break free from that unnecessary stress that’s tying you down.

Just relax and focus in on you. And that’s when the magic will start to happen.

Let’s Wrap This Up

There are so many ways you can raise up in vibration. In fact, this is only a small blip in how to raise up in vibration, but it’s a good place to start. So join us here at Vibernation and raise your vibration one step at a time.


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