Maintaining Spiritual Awareness

Maintaining Spiritual Awareness

Posted on Mar 15, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit, mind

Our Spiritual awareness is something that we must work on and develop each and every day if we want to retain the benefits that come with reaching higher stages of awareness.

It first starts with us clearing out all the blockages within our minds, so that we can start to reflect on our lives path and the route we are taking.

We then start to see where and what changes are necessary to support our growth, and what aspects of ourselves are no longer serving our highest good and intention.

Allowing us to truly become mindful of our choices and actions.

Through this self-evaluation, we begin to see the bigger picture of releasing the limiting perspectives of the ego, and opening up our reality to become a piece of the greater whole which serves our higher spiritual self.

This reflection process often begins through disciplines such as daily meditation, thought journaling, yoga, and many other methods.

These methods of self-reflection can help us get in tune with our intuition, allowing spirit to flow through all aspects of our being.

These tools and practices help us get in tune with the present moment awareness, which through consistent effort, we can learn to maintain throughout our daily lives and not just while we are involved in these activities.

That is where maintaining our awareness truly comes into play and where the biggest test lie.

Sure it can be easy to feel at peace and centered during yoga or a deep meditation.

But how do we learn to carry this momentum in our everyday busy lives?

With all the stress of societal pressures and distractions, it seems as if everything is working against us having this type of awareness.

For peace truly comes from within and the only way for us to maintain that peaceful, loving vibration is to constantly keep our awareness focused on our heart center.

A great method to try this out is to focus on your breathing within each moment you go about your day.

Are you breathing fully and deeply into your diaphragm?

Or is your breath becoming shallow and erratic when having to keep up with the fast-paced society we live in?

Notice how you feel in different situations and learn to remember the breath, focusing on inhaling and exhaling to return your awareness to the present moment.

Now in some situations, you will find yourself easily getting distracted from your breathing when tasked with different activities.

In this moment lies the opportunity for us to remember our spiritual awareness that we cultivated during our meditation or yoga practice, and bring that space into the present moment no matter where we may be or what challenges we face.

We always have the opportunity to tune into our breath and connect with Spirit, because Spirit lies within each and every one of us!

It is simple to comprehend and understand this message, but to actually apply it and maintain this awareness in your moment to moment life is another challenge within itself.

So do the best you can to remain at peace within, no matter what is happening on the outside of you.

The more of us that can begin to live in this way, the more naturally our world will begin to shift to a more loving and balanced vibration.

So take it upon yourself to not only find and connect to your Spiritual self through meditation and self-reflection, but also learn to sustain that connection in every opportunity you are presented with!

If we can learn to walk fully in this way, then most of the negativity and adversity we face in life will begin to dissolve away, because we can then remember who we truly are.

Which is love!

Spiritual awareness is something we can all begin to connect with once we realize that we are a part of something greater than just our individual self and the experiences we go through in life.

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