Patience Through Presence

Patience Through Presence

Posted on Jul 20, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: mind

If you take a step back for a minute to observe, you’ll find that in order to become more connected to your higher self and awareness, you need to become very present and mindful within each moment you find yourself in. And when you tune into the present moment, there’s also the space of presence that you can begin to connect with your awareness. And by being present you learn not only to accept, but also to remain aware of the inner and outer reality and how it is operating around you.

Traits That Come With Self Awareness

Another trait you should learn to develop in your practice of self awareness is the power of patience. Often times when you’re getting impatient, this is likely a sign that you’re anticipating an outcome or future event that is to come, rather than staying connected and grounded to the present moment. When you can learn to develop your patience, it helps to bring you further into the present moment awareness - leaving you in a higher vibration. You can then learn to let go of the past and future expectations, and start to live in a higher vibrational state of acceptance and Gratitude for whatever experiences come to you.

It’s essential in this way so you can learn to integrate all the experiences that you go through in life. In that present moment you find not only Greater clarity of your current reality, you also gain a Greater sense of inner peace and well-being throughout it.

Find Ways To Integrate Your Present Moment Awareness

So begin to integrate through your presence each and every moment you move through. Finding the balance between the in and out flow of your breath is one of the Greatest ways to train yourself to be present, so always remember to breath deep and fully process the information you receive. In time through your patience and presence, you’ll integrate deeper into each present moment and become a beacon for positive change towards your life and the lives of others. And that in and of itself is such a powerful thing!

So be patient in your journey of self-discovery, and continually remember that within the present moment is where the magic of life truly begins.

Hope this can resonate with you!


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