Remembering Life Is Sacred

Remembering Life Is Sacred

Posted on Mar 29, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit

If we take a moment to look at the world and the state we find ourselves in as a humanity, we come to realize that many of us have forgotten the sacredness of life and the connections that flow between all things.

This ancient wisdom lies deep within each and every one of us, and many are just starting to connect back to that sacred space within. We have to remember that the true core of who we are is a Spiritual being of infinite potential.

That spark of divinity inside of us is what makes us a valuable piece in the puzzle of life.

We must also not forget that within all living things lies that same spark of life, so naturally, by us tuning into our true nature, we will find a better sense of harmony and connection to the natural world around us.

Because in this way, we remember that the Spirit within me is the same Spirit within you, relating to all aspects of life, whether fellow humans, our animal companions, plant life, and even the flowing water and air we breathe is alive.

There is life within all of these things and we must learn to appreciate and respect the beauty of it, by honoring the land we have been given, and connecting with the life that inhabits it.

This perspective can help to shift us towards more feeling of contentment and Gratitude, especially when we find ourselves immersed in nature and the elements.

We can appreciate the living beauty of all things as they are without judgment, further giving us inner peace and connection to the heart space.

By being a part of this experience, we are sacred by nature and it is our birthright to live more in tune with this vibration.

With many people lost in today’s technologically advanced society, they forget to tune into this simple truth from time to time which would help them find more peace and clarity amongst the chaos of an unnaturally based world.

The disconnection most people are experiencing comes from within and is largely due to our disconnection from nature and the Earth that we live on.

So if we can begin to take the time and reconnect ourselves from within, n we can see changes that will reflect in our relationships with others and the world around us.

This now offers us to be a part of the Greater whole of things, rather than just being subjective to our individual realities.

All life is sacred and should be treated as such, reconnect with the fundamental essence of what brought us into existence, which is our true spiritual nature.

In honoring that space, we find more love and abundance naturally magnetizing and attracting itself into our lives.

With love and Gratitude



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