Spiritual Messages Through Intuition

Spiritual Messages Through Intuition

Posted on Sep 08, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit

Did you see that sign back there?

That was your intuition pointing you to the always but not so obvious path before you.
Whether you noticed it or not, your intuition was trying to tell you something in this exact moment.
It is then up to us to begin listening closer to what our intuition has to say, as it often have a way of showing the right direction we need in our lives.

Some call this a gut feeling, or something that they just know deep from within, because your intuition often goes beyond what our logical minds can comprehend.

But your intuition is much more than just a feeling,it is more like a
Subtle voice whispering to you and guiding you on your path.

Intuition is that internal Guidance system you can access to better connect with Spirit and navigate your life through.

So then how do you begin to tune into your intuition, you might ask?

This first starts by us clearing out the thoughts and distractions within ourselves, so we can tune into the subtle signals that Spirit is trying to Guide us with.

We have to realize that Spirit is always trying to get into contact with us via our intuition, which can come in the form of synchronicities, certain thought patterns, it can even come through different feelings and sensations that we experience.

It could also come much more direct than this but most of the time you have to follow the road map that your intuition is leading you to.

When you have certain questions in your life that we need the answers too, you should first take a moment simply by tuning into your inner knowing and allowing your intuition to reveal the answers to you.

The answers can then come in many of the ways I mentioned above, so you have to look for the signs and synchronicities when they are happening in your daily life.

Then by tuning into intuition, you can begin to interpret the different signals and messages that are flowing through in a balanced way. This can help you begin to make sense of the information that you need to Grow and move forward on your spiritual path.

The more and more you can begin to trust the intuitive awareness within yourself, the more you can begin to flow more freely in your life and start to gain a more direct and constant connection with Spirit.

As in each moment, we have different choices and opportunities presented to us, but it is up to us to use our discernment and critical thinking, combined with our intuition to find the highest desirable outcome for our lives.

And once your intuition starts speaking to you, it is a good sign to really tune in and listen up!
The more we neglect these intuitive impulses within us, the easier it comes for us to start missing out on certain pieces of the puzzle we need in order to reach a more balanced connection to ourselves.

So listen to your intuition when it has a message!

This comes through trusting your inner knowing, learning patience, and consistently working at it, but the more you tune into our intuition, the louder and stronger that signal will become between yourself and Spirit.

And ultimately we all just want that deeper spiritual connection in life don’t we?

Tune into your intuition more and start allowing Spirit to Guide your life!

With love and our Gratitude


"I just want to thank you all for listening and resonating with us."