Spring Cleansing - Freeing up Our Energy

Spring Cleansing - Freeing up Our Energy

Posted on Mar 08, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit, mind, body

Many people see spring time as a great time to clean up around the house and freshen up their environment with plants, brighter colors or other more lively elements. While it’s definitely important for us to make sure our homes are clean and flowing freely, we must also remember the importance of internal cleansing.

Especially during these times of the year. It can really help us get in tune with the fresher energies that are more readily available to us in nature! How To Cleanse!

So how do we go about this internal cleansing process?

Well there are many ways we can go about internal cleansing. With benefits such as helping us detoxify waste and toxins built up during the winter time.

One great method a lot of people can use is fasting from certain foods, doing intermittent or short term fasting, while also supplementing with certain herbs and natural foods to assist in the detoxing process.

Many of the teas we supply can help supplement fasting and the cleansing process as well, so be sure to check those out if you feel the need for a springtime boost of energy!

We’ll also be sharing an updated 21 day detox program that we invite you all to join in on. This will be focused on letting go of certain processed and unnatural foods while bringing in more natural fruits and vegetables into our diet. With the addition of herbs and organic supplements to achieve a full body detox naturally.

So stay tuned for those videos as we’ll go into all the details you’ll need to perform the cleansing process.

Fasting From A Spiritual Perspective

Now fasting also has been seen in certain spiritual groups around the world as a way for us to get closer to God or our creator.

They may fast simply from eating meat for a certain amount of time, or just eat at a specific time during the day.

The purpose of this is to allow time for our bodies to eliminate what residual energies are left behind from these types of foods, and give ourselves the time to regenerate and restore homeostasis into our being. Because if we look at our bodies from an energetic point of view as electrically conductive in charge, then we’ll also begin to see how certain heavier foods and toxins will not allow us to radiate the most energy and electricity within our organs and cellular processes.

So if we begin to free up those built up energies through detox or fasting, we can then begin to radiate more life force from within, which will naturally allow us to have more energy in our everyday lives.

This process can be intense at times especially if you’re not used to this type of energy, so make sure to gradually introduce these methods into your lifestyle and be ready for any suppressed feelings or emotions that may rise due to the detachment from certain foods and patterns.

Use this time to connect deeper within yourself and create that strong spiritual connection, as there are many benefits to cleansing on a spiritual, mental and physical level!

Observe the thoughts and cravings to certain foods during this time and remain disciplined on your journey to really break free from those unconscious eating patterns!

It takes devotion and practice to fully get there, but you WILL reap the benefits if you stick through your cleansing and allow what comes up to come; while releasing those energies that are no longer serving you.

And also remember that it’s always a good time for cleansing! No matter what season it is. The more clean and pure we can keep our bodily temples, the more radiant and abundant our energy will be throughout our lives! So cleanse up with us this Spring season and become the best you on all levels of your being!

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We always recommend here at vibernation to do your own research on these things and make choices that are right for you in the present moment, so listen to your body and intuition when trying anything out like fasting. We are not responsible for any harm that may be caused through your choices of fasting. RESEARCH!


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