The Calls From Home: Nature's Song

The Calls From Home: Nature's Song

Posted on Aug 25, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit

If we listen closely throughout our lives, we can hear an infinite symphony of music and vibrant energy coming out of nature.

From the simple chirping of the birds, the soft trickling of a stream after a rainfall, or the late night crickets punctuating the night with their chorus. Nature sings its own song, constantly reminding us of the movement and whimsical nature of life.

Many people and cultures around the world realize the importance of connecting to the earth and nature, while embracing the healing and therapeutic elements that she has to offer us.

The natural flow and beauty of life in nature is much like that of music, ever changing and expanding in its own unique arrays and patterns.

Unfortunately the reality of it is that nature is something that many people in modern society are disconnected from in today’s world.

Now we can also see that in today’s musical preferences with more influence from technology many are favoring artificial or synthesized instruments over more naturally composed and classical styles of music.

In a way, this is a direct reflection of the frequency we are starting to find ourselves tuned to as a society.

While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this, it also just goes to show that most of our modern world is no longer as abundant with these natural sounds as most cities now fill the streets with loud cars, electronics and sirens moving through the sound waves and leading the lives to our disenchanted paradise.

The frequencies that we receive from these modern city environments are the exact opposite of the type of energy we receive compared to when we live in more natural environments.

If we are completely disconnected from our natural environment, than it’s no wonder we see so much chaos and confusion in the heavily industrial society most people live in today.
Can’t we start to slow down for a minute and just listen?

We must remember the song and call from mother nature, and listen to her as she is calling out to us, in hopes that we remember to take care of the earth and take the time to restore balance between man and nature.

It’s up to us to make a better way by connecting back to the source in respect and cooperation with nature.

By beginning to listen more deeply to this ancient song of wisdom, we can find the melody beating strongly in our hearts again to remember and reconnect to our natural ways of being.

Because truly this music is timeless and its magic has always been there for us to hear it, most have just forgotten to tune in and listen.

With love and our Gratitude for tuning in,


"I just want to thank you all for listening and resonating with us."