The Mysteries of Life

The Mysteries of Life

Posted on Mar 16, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit

When you start to take a deeper look at the reality you live in, you’ll find that you have many questions you want answered about this reality. As a spiritual being having this human experience, you should start questioning the world you live in and the validity of it all.

Is What You’re Being Told About This Place All True - A Deeper Look Into This World

Some cultures and traditions around the world have viewed this earth plane as an illusion, or Maya, the Great veil. This perspective shows you that although you experience physical matter, when you truly look at the reality itself, it’s nothing but a collection of open space and different energies that you can observe. In this viewpoint, the reality itself is all shaped based off of what we, as a whole, project from within our own mind’s eye, thus why everyone tends to have a slightly different perspective on things when viewed from their own personal reality.

Even in science, they tell you how you’re seeing everything upside down when light hits your eyes. Which explains the illusory nature of this reality. They are telling you straight up that what your eyes are sensing is not what is actually there, which then helps you realize that you can look deeper into the mystery of the reality you live in. You have to also realize that whether this world is an illusion or not, you are still here now living within it so it’s important to balance out the activities you take place in physical realms as well as the spiritual realms.

Our Inner Reality

Now if you take the time to look within, you’ll also realize you have a world within you. Just as you can open your eyes to the outside world and explore, you can also open your inner eye and begin to see the world within you. Rather than looking outwardly, if you can begin to look deeper within, you’ll start to naturally find some of the answers to many of the questions you may have about your true being and the way this reality functions. Some things just can’t be explained through words or meanings of rational thinking.

You have to go beyond the illusions to get into the real. And go beyond normal thinking to find a higher perspective than just being limited in your physical experience. You have to learn to go beyond the mind on your exploration of life's mysteries in order to find where your true spiritual nature lies. And it lies within each and every one of us!

Now, What Happens After I Die?

Knowing you’ll die someday it’s important to ask ourselves this question. If you can realize that you have a spirit inside of you, when this physical body and mind dies, you’ll learn that you still have a chance to carry on and continue as you are eternal. Although this can’t be proven by modern science if you start paying attention you can see that you can observe your mind and your body. So what is it that is observing your mind and body? In this observation lies the secret key and mystery to finding many other hidden truths about this reality…

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