The Self Care List: Spiritual Self Care Tips

The Self Care List: Spiritual Self Care Tips

Posted on Aug 17, 2019 by Solar  | Tags: body, spirit, mind

Self care is such a huge topic with a broad amount of information, but truthfully, the most important thing about self care is to make sure to apply it.

You can of course read about self-care, but if you never take the time to truly take care of your Spirit how can you expect anything to change?

My friend, take this journey with us into truly caring for yourself.

Keep A Journal

Ahh, the journal. What a lovely tool to help you take care of yourself with. But how in the heck is it even going to help you accomplish that in the first place?

One of the best ways to utilize your journal is to use it as a venting system. Many of us have been taught to bottle things in until we explode, but with a journal you’ll be able to work through many of your problems by just becoming aware of them.

Not to mention it’s gotten hard to remember our day to day lives and the interesting things that happen, so when you journal, you can write down all of the things you learn on a day to day basis. This will allow you to progress throughout your path at a much higher rate.


This tip on the list ties in with the first one. Through meditation you’ll be able to presently realize that you are not your thoughts or the fears that are running through your mind.

And how will this help you?

Well it’s pretty simple. You’ll no longer feel the need to identify with those fears because you realize they weren’t you in the first place.

But it’s hard to realize this if you don’t realize that you aren’t your thoughts first, and that’s where meditation comes into place.

Ask yourself this: “If I can observe something, doesn’t that mean that I’m not that?”

Hot Showering To Relax Yourself

Hot showering is just another form of meditation, but with your eyes open. This is a good time to get that spiritual isolation and cleanse yourself from your day to day activities.

Imagine the water cleansing off the negative energy you may have experienced or that you may be holding onto and deeply breathe in the negative ions generated by the steam to help charge you back up.

Don’t just shower to shower! Remember a lot of our day to day activities can be turned spiritual, you just have to be open to seeing the connections within your path.


These are just a few tips you can utilize to take better care for yourself! And with applying these tips you’ll start to notice a change happening within your life. A change for the better.

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