The Spiritual Fire: Summer Vibes

The Spiritual Fire: Summer Vibes

Posted on Aug 10, 2019 by Brett  | Tags: spirit, body

With the season of summer finishing up here in the states, we often experience a natural attraction to going outside into nature more and getting in tune with the elements around this time of the year.

Many will either spend their days at a beach soaking in the solar rays and warmth by the ocean, settling down at night for camping by a nice bonfire, or even just having a backyard bbq with the family and enjoying the simpler things in life.

What is it then that is calling us to connect with that warmth of the sun or the fireside at night then?

It is almost as if naturally we are drawn to tap into the element of fire when the sun is strongest in our environment, like our intuitive knowing is calling for us to strengthen the fires within ourselves for the cooler months ahead, by kindling it also without or on the outside of ourselves.

To spark a fire is to experience the vibrancy of life, and it is very much symbolic for the spiritual fire that begins burning within us all.

So if you find yourself doing any of these activities often in your summer free time, you should also take the time to reflect that fire internally and stoke the fires of your heart chakra as well. This will help you strengthen your self energetically as you cultivate more solar energy to prepare for the longer winter months ahead.

Always remember, As within, so without, and As without, so within.

It makes sense to see that in that same way we each have a spark inside of us waiting to be ignited. This should go without question then, that tapping into your spiritual fire and passion is a must if you are to grow spiritually and awaken into higher states of consciousness. It is by igniting the spiritual spark within that we start to see real change happening in our current realities.

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How do we get in tune with our inner spiritual fire then?

In almost the same way we get in tune with the element of fire on the outside! The fire is a reflection of that yearning to express ourselves and experience the brighter things in life. This makes tending our own personal fire as equally important as connecting with the fire outside of us in our physical reality.

So we must take action and shine our brightest light, much like the sun in the sky, if we are to be a spiritual flame which helps to ignite the love and passion within ourselves and one another. By us first connecting to that fire within, we become a beacon of light unto others and start to breathe more life and vibrancy into all aspects and areas of our lives.

And with such great power within our spiritual fire, comes an even greater responsibility to maintain that drive and passion even when the sunniest days aren’t around to be seen. This is why it is so key to take advantage of the energies that summer provides us so we can carry that type of energy throughout all seasons and shifts we go through.

In the same way that the sun burns brightest in the summer months, we too can shine bright and light the fire inside of us more powerfully in this season.

Which is why it is no wonder so many people are drawn to these types of activities I mentioned before in the summertime!

It is simple to see that we all have an innate desire within us to grow and be confident with the love and spiritual connection that resides within us, and this reflects through the elements of fire both symbolically and physically in some of the ways I mentioned before.

So Light the fire inside of you this summer and get connected to that higher loving frequency that burns through the darkest nights and shine bright as your true spiritual being unfolds!

In the same way the phoenix rises from the ashes of what it once was, we too can rebirth ourselves within the spiritual fire and become our highest self in all that we do.

With love and Gratitude,



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