Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Negativity Completely

Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Negativity Completely

Posted on Jul 14, 2019 by Solar  | Tags: mind

You may find yourself wanting to banish all negativity from your life. Maybe because negativity and the perception of it can cause depression, anxiety, and other events that can cause your Spiritual health to deteriorate at a rapid rate - which you all know doesn’t feel the best. But to start to break away from this type of lifestyle you must ask yourself important questions.

Questions like: “Why do negative things happen and what can I truly do about it?”

The answer is plain and simple. Negative things happen because that’s just how the reality you live in works. There’s no escaping negativity or what you perceive to be negative. It’s just something we have to learn to live with and navigate through.

Readjust Your Perception Of Negativity

The main goal you should have when negativity strikes is to see it for what it truly is and not what your mind is telling you to see it as. When you get caught up in your mind(ego) you tend to over analyze everything - living in the past or projecting in the future. This leaves room for depression, anxiety and related events to pull you off of the Spiritual path. So you may question what is seeing negativity for what it truly is?

Well, we have come up with a few simple guidelines to help you deal with and understand negativity in your experience.

Negativity is there to help you grow

Think of something negative that has happened in your life. Now, ask yourself “what did I learn from that lesson and has this happened to me before?” Sometimes, being caught up in your day to day life you may forget to ask these important questions leaving little room for growth. You see, when something you’re perceiving as negative is happening to you it isn’t the time to run away, it’s the time to meditate and ask yourself: “why is this happening and what can I truly take away from this experience to help me learn and grow?” Like we said there is no escape, but there is growth patiently waiting to see what you choose. We will talk more about that later.

Our Choices And The Role It Plays In Negativity

Choices. Your life is full of choices. Every morning you choose to get out of bed. You choose to brush your teeth. You choose to put on your shoes. So how does that play a role in negativity?
Sometimes in your life you make choices that result in negative outcomes. You may find yourself in an angry mood (not always bad to be angry) and kick a wall which leads to you breaking your toe and having to go to the hospital all because of that initial choice you made to kick the wall in anger. Now there are many things to take away from an experience like this.

One is that “negative” situations like this actually lead you to higher stages of consciousness if you allow them to. Additionally you learned that next time you get angry you don’t have to kick the wall (think a baby touching the stove… it won’t ever touch the stove again… on purpose that is). You may not see this as something life changing, but in the bigger picture kicking a wall can play a big role in your life and cause ripple affects you didn’t know were even possible. And seeing things from a higher perspective will start to dissolve the fear of negativity and allow your Spirit to shine through your Mind and Body.

Learn To Accept The Negativity (Moment) And Transmute It

Easier said than done, but definitely necessary if you want to live a life of true happiness. Once you’re able to become consciously aware that negativity will always play a role in your life you can then start to learn how to accept it. You may hear successful people saying that they love failure, but what do they mean by that? They’re essentially accepting the negative and transmuting it. How?

One, they have learned how to accept the failure and two, once they accepted and realized the powerful role negativity (failures) plays in growth, they were able to quickly adapt, make changes and allow the growth to proceed. This isn’t a going to happen over a day and night, but if you take the steps in acceptance and awareness of negativity you’ll slowly start to release the shackles you’ve allowed or even created for yourself. Negativity is something to be loved and not feared. Accepted and not escaped and once you’re able to fully come to this realization you can start to live a happier, fuller life. And not be influenced by events on the outside and even the inside.

Negativity happens, yes, but you can always get through it no matter the situation.

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