Cleansing Clarity Ritual Candles by Vibernation

Cleansing Clarity Ritual Candles

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When you need some extra clarity on your spiritual path, shine some light on your tools with our cleansing clarity ritual candles. These one time use ritual candles are scented with the fragrances of lemon and lavender to help you set clearer and stronger intentions in your daily practices. The fresh and relaxing scents will invigorate your senses while bringing you to a calm and focused state, perfect for meditations and other forms of energy work. As with all of our products, our team charges them up daily with positive, loving energy to make sure you get the best out of your spiritual tools.

8 High Vibrational Candles included in each pack.




"Smells amazing very potent and strong!"
~Malcolm (Aug 25, 2020)
"The candles had an awesome calming sweet but not overpowering smell!"
~Essence (Aug 24, 2020)
"They smelled really good and they burnt really slow."
~Jonathan (Aug 20, 2020)
"I love that you can smell the candles through the packaging and they light really easily with a good wick size."
~Doren (Aug 19, 2020)