Silver and Black Arrowhead Orgonite Plate by Vibernation

Silver and Black Arrowhead Orgonite Plate

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If you're in need of extra protection, look no further than our arrowhead orgonite plates! Infused with the healing energy of orgonite, bringing balance to the EMF of your body and environment, you'll also benefit from the crystal arrowhead in the center of each plate. In older times when our ancestors were at battle, they would fashion arrowheads from different stones in use with their bows and other weaponry for protection. You can apply this symbology to your life by using our orgonite as a source of protection from negative energies from the physical and nonphysical realities alike. Tap into your inner warrior and stay grounded with the balancing energies from these one of a kind orgonite!

Snowflake obsidian
Arrowhead Stone
Gold flakes
Silver flakes
Hematite flakes
Clear quartz


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